Writing a perfect biology dissertation
A dissertation is probably one of the most important part of undergraduate and post-graduate study. Like any other subjects, biology dissertation writing is a daunting, and arduous job, since it involves through study of literatures, intricate description of findings, and a critical analysis. Here are some biology dissertation help that could be helpful in biology thesis writing, as well as writing a biology paper.
To begin with, there are two models of biology dissertation:
  • Dissertation From Scratch:
It contains the following sections:
  1. Question
  2. Theory and literature review
  3. Collection of data
  4. Data analysis

  • Dissertation by Article Expansion:
It contains the following sections:
  1. Writing the manuscript
  2. Highlighting further scope of the research
  3. Expanding literature review and theory section
  4. Additional data collection
  5. Data analysis from additionally collected data
  6. Highlighting further scope of analysis

Sections of a Biology Dissertation:
  1. Introduction and background
  2. Literature review
  3. Abstract
  4. Materials and Methods
  5. Result
  6. Discussion
  7. Conclusion
While biology thesis writing one needs to remember that each of the section contains different attributes. One must keep that in mind while writing a paper is that, a research paper doesn’t contain literature review from the past studies in relevant fields. For your biology dissertation help we have found out what you need to write in each section:

  1. Introduction and Background Section:
The introduction and background section non-specifically entails the clear understanding of the subject, nature and rationale of the relevant subject. In this section, you need to explain a specific scientific term which is important in that specific study. While writing biology dissertation keep that in mind that there shouldn’t be any unexplained scientific terms or jargons.

Start introducing with explicitly stating your general aim or hypothesis while writing biology dissertation or writing a paper. Your statement should be logically coherent with the literature review.

  1. Literature Review Section:
In this section, it is necessary to entail the previous studies of the respective topic – the further scope of previous studies, the short comings, and their applications and importance. Mention how your study is relevant with the past studies. If you have a new hypothesis which goes against the past one(s), here you need to mention that.

  1. Abstract Section:
An abstract is the summery of your work. The ideal length of an abstract is 150-300 words. It contains the followings:
  1. Your research problem and objectives
  2. Kkey findings and arguments
  3. Key conclusions.

  1. Materials and Methods Section:
While writing biology dissertation, it is necessary to mention what methods you have followed and the reason behind doing that. This section entails the names and models of the instruments and software used, and scientific formula applied.

  1. Result and Discussion Section:
  2. Avoid repetition of results.
  3. Focus on the significance of the results found
  4. Corroborate your interpretation from the results with references.
  5. Exhibit what you think, and why your theory can be accepted (or rejected.
  6. Address the future direction of your finding, alongside of its uncertainties.

  1. Conclusion:
A conclusion entails the followings:
  1. Reflective analysis of the research
  2. Conclusive statements in the light of present studies.
  3. While writing biology dissertation, mention main research findings, potential application, and limitations of this study in the conclusion.
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